Wareham CEA details

In 2019, the Town of Wareham launched its Wareham Community Electricity Aggregation (CEA) program designed to provide residents and businesses with competitive choice and long-term price stability, understanding that future savings cannot be guaranteed because future Eversource Basic Service rates are unknown.

Wareham CEA program rates

The aggregation programs for all municipalities participating in the MASSCEA buying group have been renewed for an additional term through late fall 2025. New pricing, shown below, will go into effect starting December 2023. The programs’ supplier will remain Constellation.

Most customers do not need to take any action to receive the new pricing. However, due to requirements from the Department of Public Utilities, customers currently in the 50% or 100% Green products must affirmatively re-enroll or their accounts will be returned to Basic Service.

To re-enroll we recommend submitting a request through the enroll form below. Alternatively you can contacting the supplier, Constellation, at (833) 461-0813.

In addition to the standard electricity supply product, the Program also offers an option with 100% total energy from renewable energy certificates. You can sign up for either option, return to the default or leave the program at any time. You can also check the sample bill for an illustration of a simple way to tell if you a part of the CEA program.

Questions about the changes? Watch the recording of our virtual info session here.

New Program prices starting December 2023 compared to Eversource prices

Standard Product
(community default)
Plus Eversource Basic Service
15.784 ¢/kWh All Rate Classes 17.372 ¢/kWh All Rate Classes 16.078 ¢/kWh Residential 17.251 ¢/kWh Residential
No additional
renewable energy
Adds voluntary
renewable energy
(MA Class I RECs) to total 100%
No additional
renewable energy
December 2023 through November 2025 July 2023 through December 2023 January 2024 through July 2024

Wareham Community Electricity Aggregation Program Prices Until November 2023

Default Rate
Wareham 50%
Local Green
Wareham 100%
Local Green
Eversource Basic Service
Program Rate for Residential, Commercial & Industrial10.470 ¢/kWh
All Rate Classes
12.244 ¢/kWh
All Rate Classes
14.019 ¢/kWh
All Rate Classes
16.078 ¢/kWh
Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)Meets all Renewable Energy Certificate requirementsIncludes 50% more Renewable Energy Certificates than required by the CommonwealthIncludes Renewable Energy Certificates equal to 100% of user’s electricity consumption, in addition to meeting all renewable energy requirementsMeets all Renewable Energy Certificate requirements
Term LengthJuly 2021 through November 2023July 2021 through November 2023July 2021 through November 2023July through December 2023
Products described as Green contain renewable electricity above that required by state law. The additional renewable electricity qualifies for MA Class I designation. Local refers to geographic areas permitted under MA Class I designation, namely New England, New York and eastern Canada.

Disclaimer: A goal of the CEA program is to produce savings for customers, but savings cannot be guaranteed compared to the utility’s basic service rate which change every six months for residential and small commercial customers, and every three months for large commercial customers. The aggregation program seeks to provide price stability and average savings over the full term of the program, but because future basic service rates are not known, there is no guarantee of savings.

All of the additional RECs included in the program are designated as Massachusetts Class I. RECs are the accepted legal instrument used to track renewable energy generation and to substantiate claims of renewable energy use.


Aggregation Plan

View Wareham’s CEA Program Aggregation Plan

Customer Notification Letter

Eligible customers will periodically receive a Customer Notification letter from the program from time to time. The notice will explain the program rates, options and ways to opt out (leave). Eligible customers who do not opt out will be automatically enrolled. A sample of the Customer Notification letter can be found below. If you have any questions about the letter or the program, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

View Wareham’s Opt-Out Letter

Electricity Disclosure Label

The Electricity Disclosure Label is prepared and periodically updated by Wareham CEA program’s electricity supplier. It provides detail on the energy mix for all program options. These documents are updated only periodically, therefore, the label available at this time may be for electricity supply from an earlier period.

View the latest Electricity Disclosure Label

View Wareham’s Product Summary Forms